Energy saving and environmental protection new agricultural machinery products are favored





At the beginning of the new year, Sanmenxia industrial cluster Bainian agricultural machinery assembly Co., Ltd. received information from sales outlets in Shaanxi, Shanxi and Lingbao. The energy-saving and environmental protection and other new agricultural machinery products developed by the company are very popular with vegetable farmers and fruit farmers.

The company is the only key agricultural industrialization leading enterprise that manufactures and produces agricultural machinery products in our city. The new generation of energy-saving and environment-friendly electric tractor developed is very suitable for plowing, raking, sowing and other operations and short-distance transportation in the vegetable greenhouse. The apple thinning machine and bagging machine invented by the company have won the national patent. The new multi-functional agricultural machinery products developed in cooperation with Italy are loved by farmers and customers at the Sanmenxia Chinese characteristic commodity Expo and Trade Fair for their convenient operation, time-saving, labor-saving and energy-saving characteristics.

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