Agricultural machinery departments should enhance their service consciousness





First of all, the agricultural machinery department should strengthen publicity, create a good investment environment, increase the publicity of agricultural machinery to the higher level and the society, and establish a good image of agricultural machinery. We should think about issues from the perspective of the overall situation, take the initiative to consider for the Party committee and the government, and for the public. We should think and do what the Party committee and the government want to do for the people and for the agricultural machinery people. At critical moments, we should dare to shoulder heavy burdens and expand influence. Only by doing so can we gain understanding from all sides and win policy support.

Secondly, based on the project, find the right entry point for investment. Due to the adjustment of resource allocation, the state's investment in agricultural infrastructure construction is realized through the construction of pilot demonstration projects. Agricultural machinery investors can only squeeze into the allocation of agricultural related projects, develop agricultural machinery according to local conditions, and strive for funds through projects.

To further accelerate the development of agricultural mechanization, there are still many problems and the task is still very arduous, whether it is the improvement of the service system or the improvement of the service function. We must redouble our efforts to improve the quality of service and the equipment level of agricultural machinery, and we must not relax for a moment. Once our thinking is lax and we are careless, the goals set by the county Party committee will not be realized, and the 10th five year plan will become empty talk. Therefore, the agricultural machinery department should enhance the service consciousness and work creatively to ensure the realization of the 10th Five Year Plan for the development of agricultural machinery in Qitai County and the goals proposed by the county Party committee. We should scientifically and rationally adjust the development layout of agricultural mechanization, rely on scientific and technological progress, follow market laws, and comprehensively improve the level of agricultural mechanization.

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