Ship curtain machinery tells you: wrong maintenance method of micro tiller






Jianwei micro tiller it has the characteristics of low noise, low emission, strong power and strong adaptability. We should be scientific and reasonable in the daily maintenance of the micro tiller. In the process of maintenance, it is easy to have some wrong maintenance methods. Here are 7 kinds of maintenance methods:

1. If the diesel atomization is not good, only replace the oil nozzle. In addition to the nozzle problem, the poor atomization of diesel oil is mainly caused by the wear of high-pressure oil pump, low pressure and low oil volume.

2. The oil leakage of the fuel tank cover shall be sealed with film paper. After sealing the oil tank, long-time work will generate negative pressure in the oil tank of the micro tiller, resulting in insufficient oil intake, and the machine will emit black smoke and insufficient power during operation.

3. The air cooler uses water to cool down. Some operators saw that the temperature of the air cooler was high and worried about damaging the micro tiller. They used watering to help reduce the temperature. This is a very wrong practice. The water is suddenly cooled down, and the cylinder liner is suddenly contracted, which is easy to pull the cylinder, break the ring, or even break the cylinder liner.

4. Do not pay attention to the quality of fuel and lubricating oil. Poor fuel quality not only makes the machine power insufficient, but also accelerates the wear of oil pump and core sleeve; The quality of lubricating oil directly affects the starting performance and service life of the micro tiller.

5. Improper use of sealant on the engine side cover pad. After the side cover gasket is sealed with sealant, the excess glue is easy to enter the gearbox. Due to the long-time work and the suction of the oil pump, the sealant is easy to block the oil inlet hole, so that the crankshaft and connecting rod cannot be well lubricated.

6. Tighten the screws on the machine body. Most of the micro tillers are equipped with engines with aluminum alloy boxes. The hardness of aluminum alloy is obviously lower than that of nodular cast iron. Therefore, all the screws on the engine body should be tightened according to the specified torque, especially the cylinder head screws. If you don't pay attention to them, they will be "pulled", and try not to tighten the screws when the engine is hot.

7. Dismantle the air guide cover and wind shield of the air cooler randomly. Some operators do not know the role of the air guide cover and the wind shield, and think that it is something to block the soil, but they can not be removed at will. As a result, the wind of the fan cannot be concentrated and the cooling effect is lost.

The above problems are easy to occur during the maintenance of the micro tiller. We should try our best to avoid these problems and use it correctly and properly, so as to prolong the service life of the micro tiller.

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